Monday, March 20, 2017

This is Why You Should Stop Buying Video Games

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What Are The Benefits of Gamefly?

This is why you should stop buying video gamesI'm sure most of you know what Gamefly is, or have at least heard of it. Gamefly is a subscription service for renting video games online. It is the most powerful resource that us gamers have for renting ps4 games online as well as renting xbox one games online. It really puts the world of video games at your fingertips in the simplest way possible. It allows you to recieve games monthly through the mail. You can hold on to the games for as long as you want, and when your done, you throw them back in the mail box and send them away. After that, you pop in the next video game rental and play to your hearts content. It really is as simple as that.

 How Gamefly works

If your in the market to rent ps4 games online, or rent xbox one games online, Gamefly is the solution that you've been searching for.

Rent over 8,000 games and movies with GameflyTo get started, all you do is head to the Gamefly Website, and sign up for your free 30 day trial. While signing up make sure that you pay attention to the specific plans that they offer, and pick the one that you want. They offer several different tiers of video game rental. You can take out one, two, or three titles at once, each with varying costs per month. Of course, as you get further along in your membership you can re-choose your plan. If you want to be able to rent more games online at once you can scale your package up. The same is true in reverse. If you are getting more games than you have time to play, you can scale the plan down to get less games at once.

Once you've signed up for your free trial and picked your plan, you simply navigate to the game selection page. Here, you pick whether you want to rent ps4 games or rent xbox one games. Pick your system of choice. This will open up the game catalog where you are free to choose how ever many game rentals your particular plan has allotted.

When is the last time the mail got you this excited?Pick the games that you wish to have sent to you, and then finalize everything. Now, it's as easy as waiting eagerly at the mail box for the next few days until your game(s) arrive. The last step in the whole process is, of course, to brag to everyone you know about how easily you can get your hands on the newest releases for xbox one and ps4.

All of the games that you will rent through Gamefly come with a pre-stamped return envelope. All you need to do is drop the game you wish to return into the envelope and leave it in your mailbox or postal box. After doing this you can jump back online and rent more games.

Why choose Gamefly?

The real question is, why wouldn't you choose Gamefly? If your an avid video gamer then you probably spend a ton of money on video games. A brand new game runs right around $60. For right around $10 a month you can play as many games as you can sink your teeth into. Price is a big factor when it comes to a gamers ability to stay current with the latest games. Price is also one of Gamefly's biggest selling points. You can save countless amounts of money by renting games online with Gamefly.

Play More Games For LessAnother big benefit of renting video games online is the ability to free yourself from physical rental stores. We have all been down that road. How many times have you rented a game from blockbuster just to get it home and find out the disc is scratched beyond repair? Probably not quite as many times as you've made the drive out there just to find out that none of the games that you came for were currently in stock. There are a lot of downfalls to frequenting physical video game stores, and in my experience, Gamefly is the cure!

My favorite thing about Gamefly is that there is absolutely no commitment. Things change rapidly for most everyone. You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball. Even worse, you never know how that curve ball is going to affect you. One day your entire financial situation could change, or your spare time could become scarce. If anything were to ever happen and you needed to cancel your subscription, you can do so very easily from the Gamefly website. There are no contracts or penalties, or anything else for that matter. If you need to cancel, you just cancel, plain and simple.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the simplest solution for renting xbox one games online and renting ps4 games online, your search has ended. There are tons of benefits to renting video games online with Gamefly. It beats the hell out of renting from physical locations and the pricing is perfect.

With there being absolutely no commitment, there is no reason to not at least give it a try. Please follow this link and claim your free 30 day trial while it is still being offered. This offer won't last forever, so you have to act now!

Monday, March 13, 2017

5 Reasons Why Renting Video Games Online Through Gamefly is Better Than Physical Rental Stores or Purchasing

What is Gamefly?

Gamefly is a mail order subscription service that allows you to rent video games. They make the process of getting new games as easy as cake! You simply sign up, supply your basic information, and then proceed to rent video games. Depending on the subscription that you choose, you can rent either one or two games at a time. They mail you each game, you play the game for as long as you like, and when your done you simply stuff it back in the supplied envelope and mail it back. You are then free to navigate to their site and order another. It not only takes the hassle out of renting but it also provides several advantages of purchasing the same games outright.
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1. Price

If you are like me, you get bored with the games you play relatively easily. I personally only get about a week out of each game that I play on average. At that point, I've already played it all the way through. I've unlocked most, if not all, of the games special items. I've gotten all of the achievements that I care to unlock. Now, I'm just ready to move on to the next thing. The big problem with this scenario is, who has the money to go out and buy a brand new $60 video game every week? I sure don't! That's $240 every month!

This is where Gamely comes in. Depending on what package you pick, you can have one or two video games out at a time. That means, that if you are playing one new game a week, you would basically get four games a month for less than $20! That's a $220 savings! That alone makes it worth it in my book, but I will continue to show you even more reasons to Gamely.

2. Ease of Use

I'm a pretty busy person. Life seems to pretty much stay in a steady state of absolute chaos for me, at least most days. Nothing is worse than finally sitting down in your gaming chair after a long, hard day, only to realize that you have no desire to play any of the games that you currently have on hand. Your exhausted, and it's too late to hit up the local video game shop anyway. Hang it up, call it a day, and better luck tomorrow.

This is not an issue for me anymore now that I have an account with Gamefly. I don't have to worry about what time the stores close. I don't have to worry about what boring games I have lying around that might make the cut, just until I can get my hands on something better. Now, I can decide what I want to play, and make it happen from anywhere. If I know that I'm halfway through the game I'm currently on, and when I'm done I'm not really going to get any further use out of it, I can hop on to the Gamefly website from anywhere and pick out a new game. If I'm caught in traffic, I can even order the new game from my android. When I'm ready for it, I know that it will be there!

3. Variety

Do you remember back in the day, standing in the middle of blockbuster rapidly getting more and more agitated? Usually it was because you came in for one particular game, but you also had two or three back ups in mind in case the game you really wanted is all rented out. But guess what? The one game that you really, really wanted isn't the only one that's all rented out. That game and every single game that you had in mind as a back up are ALL rented out. What do you do now? Do you just cut your losses and come back in a few days in hopes that some of them will have been returned? Do you grill the employees until you find the one willing to diligently dig through all of the returns that haven't been re-stocked yet, hoping that it's in there? Do you just settle for some lame game that may or may not fill the void?

Issues like this don't exist when you switch to Gamefly. I can tell you from experience, there will always be games that you will want to play, and they will almost always be available. In the very rare occasion that the one game that you had to have isn't available, it will not be a struggle to find something that is equally as engaging and interesting. This goes for all of the major console systems that are out right now. Whatever you're playing on, they can supply the best games that are out at any given time.

4. Space Saver

One day I found my self struggling to fit a new game case on to the massive rack that I meticulously alphabetized far too many games on already. I sat and pondered all the possible solution to my new and sudden problem. "Maybe I should just buy a bigger shelf". No, I'm not going to be buying a bigger shelf any time soon. The more attention I focused on this little dilemma, the more I started to take note of the condition of the games on the shelf, and ultimately said to myself "So that's why they call it a dust jacket". What good is a game to me that is just taking up space and collecting insurmountable levels of dust? In all honesty, I'm not going to be breaking out the Game Cube anytime soon. Actually, I'll probably just never play Zelda: Four Swords Adventure again. It's nothing personal, Link.

This left me with an even larger problem. How do I get rid of all of these games, now? I can sell them on craigslist, but that can be a hassle, or even worse, attract a bunch of absolute weirdo's to my place of residence. My only other option is to take them to my local video game shop and get what seems like pennies compared to what I paid for them originally. On top of only getting the absolute minimum amount back for those games, it's all in store credit too. Looks like I have no choice now but to start the daunting process of filling that shelf back up with once-played dust traps.

One of my favorite advantages of renting video games online through Gamefly is that I don't have to own a massive shelf to hold my dusty old video games any more. In fact, I don't have to hold on to any video games at all. I put in my request on the Gamefly website, and when I'm done with the game, I stuff it back in the mail box and off it goes. "Well, what if I really like a game, and I know that in two months I'm going to want to play it through again?" Then in about one and a half months, request that game! When you're ready to play it again, guess what? It'll be waiting for you in your mail box.


5. No Obligations

I hate obligations...HATE them. Not that I would ever go through with it, but sometimes I contemplate quitting my job just because being on someone else's schedule feels so oppressive. I change my mind about what I want about as much as I change my socks, which is a lot (don't ask). Being locked in to something for the long haul, just isn't my style. I feel like as a human being, if I change my mind about something, that something should change too. It really should be that simple.

With Gamefly, it is that simple. I'm not locked in to anything. At any point if I decide that I want to go back to the old dusty shelf days, I can. It's actually very simple to do so. At any point, if I don't want to pay for the subscription any more, all I have to do is make sure that all of my games are in the mail heading back their way. After that, I would hop online, go in to my account and cancel the subscription. I would be able to finish out what's left of the time that I have already paid for, and then I would never be billed again. Well, until I realized how foolish my decision was and went crying to Gamefly, begging for it's forgiveness.


In conclusion...

I hope that I have touched on every base with this information. I am a huge fan of Gamefly, and I hope that one day you will be too. The price is just right. They make it ultra easy for you to rent games. Really, at the end of the day, if you are a true gamer, there is absolutely no reason for you to not at least give it a shot. If you click the link below , you will be taken to the Gamefly website where I am offering you a FREE 30 day trial.

It will ask you for your card information in order to sign up. But, like I stated above, there is no obligation whatsoever. The first thirty days are on me. At any point, if you decide it's not for you, you can simply open your settings on the Gamefly website, and cancel your account. If you cancel before the first thirty days are up, you will not be charged for anything at all.

Thank you for taking precious time out of your day just to visit this page. I am forever grateful for your time. Good Game!

Click here to start your 30 day free trial!